Thoughts are gathered on Austin property. In the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center visitors celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature. Almost 300 pristine acres set the scene for memorable trips. Founded by Lady Bird Johnson and Helen Hayes in 1982 the botanical garden provides a peaceful spot for quiet reflection just minutes from downtown.

Following a mission to “inspire the conservation and application of native plants,” individual gardens showcase over 800 species of greenery and flowers native to the state of Texas. Central gardens are filled with impressive themed plots. Sit in wonderment on a bench in the shady arbor or wander along the wildlife pond. Inquiring minds living in Austin linger in the healing garden or nearby in the fiber and dye garden. The deer resistant garden shows residents how to guard their plants against the palates of resident wildlife. Around the corner romance blossoms in the moonlight garden. And, in the hummingbird garden plants that are adored by the delicate birds are highlighted.

Couples Living in Austin Celebrate Wedded Bliss

Families exploring the Lady Bird Wildflower Center have fun together in the Luci and Ian Family Garden. Here laughter is contagious as kids stretch their legs and parents find amusement in their antics. There is plenty to do together. The shrub maze stimulates the mind as wanderers work their way through. During hot Texas afternoons wading through the creek and wondering at the hands on watering holes are regular activities. Giant birds nests and tree stumps seem larger than life.

Found at 4801 La Crosse Avenue, the Austin property overflows with social interaction. The Courtyard provides a central locale for special events and live music often fills the grounds. Glamorous galas are sophisticated and sweet. Weddings are spectacular and couples are often spied spending their first moments of wedded bliss together in this enchanting space. The friendliness of the gardens adds to the ambiance of corporate trainings. Inquire about private events here.