Wildlife from across the globe lives life to the fullest on Austin real estate. At the Austin Zoo critters from around the world flourish in Texas. Everyone’s favorite is here in one place from leaping lizards to boastful bears and lazing lions.

Favorite creatures are around every corner. Big cats are on the prowl and create quite a stir. Lions and tigers reign tall and proud. Cougars, servals and bobcats are just as regal and all are compared to the housecat left back in Austin homes. The wolf hybrid is also automatically compared to domestic dogs who are part of the family. These large beasts are awesome in size and in bark. Just around the bend and appearing cute and cuddly, the North American black bear can weigh up to 500 lbs.

There is no shortage of monkeying around on this property. Lemurs swing through the trees. Spider monkeys tease and torment one another causing giggles to erupt from guests. Domestic animals are found in the petting zoo. Feed is available for purchase in the gift shop and can be handed out to goats, llamas, miniature donkeys, deer and sheep.

Residents of Austin Homes Lend a Helping Hand

The Austin Zoo is ready to lend a helping hand adhering to a mission to “assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation and education.” Guests can help out too by sponsoring an animal. Proceeds go directly to the care of the chosen animal which include wolves, monkeys, tigers, red foxes, birds and more. Items on a wish list are also available for those who wish to donate supplies or other items for the zoo. Memberships support the zoo as well and with added perks for the participants. Packages vary and include unlimited admission, discounted admission tickets for guests, discounted special event tickets, discount on merchandise and complimentary feed tickets.

Located at 10808 Rawhide Trail, a day filled with fun awaits those living in the Austin real estate region. Open daily the park’s hours are seasonal and should be checked on the website before visits. Download a map of the grounds before leaving and plan the day in advance.